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“I began working with Carron for diagnoses of PTSD and debilitating panic attacks. Feeling so alone and hopeless on a daily basis had brought me to my darkest point in life, but then, through therapy with Carron, I have found so much hope and sense of purpose and have come to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so blessed to have found Carron, someone as caring and compassionate and educated to help me know that life is still worth living!” – R. B.
“Carron helped to create a space where I could do the work needed to heal, and at the pace I needed. She both allowed me to discover the truths on my own and encouraged me to take risks. The result has been a deep transformation of who I now believe I am.” – J. O.​
"I was privileged to work with Carron Maclean. I had tried traditional "talk therapy" for years with little success. The EMDR work that I completed with Carron was life-changing. Carron is highly skilled in working with individuals with a history of trauma and resulting anxiety and/or depression. She is also extremely compassionate and cares about her clients more than anyone I have ever met."
– H. C."
"EMDR made me face demons in my mind that traditional talk therapy never would have and never did. Years of repressed memories lie dormant in the mind and will rear their ugly heads at the worst possible times, and make you feel even more vulnerable and attacked then before. Carron will guide you gently and professionally enough to go at your own pace. With time, patience, and self-love, EMDR will give you the strength back to slash those fears and come back empowered and confident." – S. R.​
“I struggle with addiction, challenges associated with re-entering society after prison, low self-esteem, pre-verbal sexual abuse, and a host of issues around intimate relationships. Carron with New Pathways Counseling has helped me re-process (with EMDR therapy) all of the trauma from my past to the point that it no longer brings me pain when I think about it. The biggest benefit from counseling is that I can finally see what is my "stuff" and discern it from someone else's. EVERY session with Carron is powerful and I make great progress with my goals. For the first time in my life, I would call myself emotionally healthy. It's sad that I see her less and less, but it also brings me GREAT joy because that means, I'm WINNING at life!" – K.B.
"Carron was a great therapist. Our EMDR sessions allowed me to tap into memories I repressed. I was able to relive the moments mentally and work through everything that made my anxiety flair up." – N. B.​​
“I can't thank Carron enough for the work she did with me. She took a woman who hated herself and believed she wasn't loveable and completely transformed her. Carron helped me open up and identify painful areas of my past. During my time working with her she never made me feel judged or forced. If it wasn't for her help, I wouldn't be who I am today.” – S. H.​
“Carron has helped me to work through my anxiety, OCD, fears, and insecurities. Through our work she has given me the confidence and the tools to comfortably get to know and accept all parts of myself - something I never thought possible. She has been an amazing influence in my life and in my journey, and is one of the very few people I have been able to easily trust and confide in. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family, all who have benefited greatly from her, and would recommend her to absolutely everyone!” – L. G.
“When I first met Carron I was broken. She has a sincere passion to help individuals with various backgrounds. Working with Carron has been the most amazing journey. She has given me mechanisms that work and are effective in both my personal life and in being a leader at work. I’m both excited and scared where this new path I’m creating for myself is going. However, so many great things have been happening and Carron is showing me that I am the light, I am worth it and anyone who stands in my way, just needs to borrow a pair of sunglasses because I’m bright! Time with Carron is time well spent to show yourself that you can live a life that is full of love and integrity.” – R. S.
"I had been dealing with a lot of job-related trauma for quite a long time. Carron's expert guidance and the use of EMDR during our sessions helped immensely."
– N. R.​

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